Pumpkin season

Dig in squash
Thank goodness for pumpkins. We’ve only roasted two three this year, but here’s where they’ve ended up:

– Ottolenghi’s Pumpkin, saffron and orange soup
– Ottolenghi’s Halloween Soufflé, from Plenty (2010), but the recipe is also online here
– This Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup (optional recommended bourbon splash served on the side)
– These Pumpkin cinnamon rolls by Smitten Kitchen (we halved the sugar filling and the cream cheese icing, and still loved them)
– Pumpkin and pea risotto
– Pumpkin pasta bake (this is a classic in our house, and someday I’m sure it will appear here. Using pumpkin purée, or other winter squash, as the base of your sauce turns an average baked pasta dish into a rich, vitamin-packed meal with so little energy that it’s a shame not to roast and freeze as much as you can now while they’re in season.)
– Pumpkin and aduki bean quesadillas
– Feeding our freezer to have on hand for upcoming needs.

Thankfully, the season is in full swing, and I’m storing these recipes to check out soon:

– This soup, these muffins, this salad, and another soup from Heidi Swanson
– These Pumpkin smoothies, shared by SouleMama
– Some form of Pumpkin spice latte (maybe this, or this but with the spices we know and love?)
– My grandmother’s pumpkin pie (because even if it’s not a holiday where you live, Thanksgiving should be celebrated somehow)

I hope you’re enjoying this very colorful squash season as much as we are.


Oatmeal Sandwich Loaf

Bread in panI found this bread on Smitten Kitchen, and it inspired me to take a chance on a homemade loaf. Since our visit to the Black Sheep Inn, with their packed lunches each day to encourage walking in the hills, I’ve had in mind that we could be making our own sandwich bread and rolls at home.

This was my first attempt.Full oatmeal breadOatmeal bread sideOver the next little while I hope to be sharing with you some pictures and stories from volunteering at Bread Matters, so it feels a bit strange to be writing about a sandwich loaf now. I’ve been reading Andrew Whitley’s book about the benefits of sourdough baking and the need to return to slower, more traditional bread baking all around. More on this later, but I’d love to be back here soon sharing early successes from integrating these principles into our weekly bread.

However, I’m practicing the art of not waiting for all the conditions to be in place before writing, so here we go. Continue reading “Oatmeal Sandwich Loaf”

Pillars of Hercules: farm tour

grown hereToday I wanted to share some photos from our visit to the Pillars of Hercules farm a few weeks ago. We were looking for a farm visit not too far from Edinburgh, and on a beautiful Saturday in early September, we headed up to see what this organic farm/shop/cafe/camping ground was all about.

On our way, and without realizing how close we were to the farm, we pulled over for a longer look at these clouds and the shadows floating across a wheat field. It turns out we would see the same field along the farm tour route, but I’m glad we caught this light. ufo cloudsOur afternoon walk in Fife was arranged around making it to the farm in time for a quick tour before an evening dinner in the cafe. The sun was already setting when we arrived, so Terence grabbed a map, and we headed out to wander around the farm trail. Continue reading “Pillars of Hercules: farm tour”