Full table

We had our first Edinburgh-based Thanksgiving last night, a little early but very sweet. Since we’ll be away next weekend, and one of us didn’t arrive back until late yesterday afternoon from a quick visit to do some belly-laughing with his nephew, we decided to skip right to the good stuff this year.

Friends were asked to bring a pie (sweet, must be specified) or drink to share. We prepared my childhood Thanksgiving favorites (my grandmother’s pumpkin pie, with pumpkin we roasted a few weeks ago, and her very cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg-y apple pie, both with her crust recipe). In perfect potluck form, these were joined by: a pear and almond pie (tart? who decides?), Canadian maple cookies, toffee and white chocolate loaf, rhubarb pie, a pumpkin pie and bars of chocolate.

Full with people

Almost everyone went home with leftovers, and we had a chance to bring out some of the beautiful gifts that we’ve been thankful to receive over the past few years (silver, trivets, Egyptian tablecloth).

Silver and table cloth

All around, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about yours on Thursday!

after the feast


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