Six months and a party


Last weekend, we hosted a volunteer get together for Dig In, and only noticed afterward that we’d marked six months in our flat with a room full of people we’ve met since moving in.

Cory's treats

We found our flat in Edinburgh after some pretty serious (frantic, on my part) searching in May. We’d just gotten back from a big adventure, recently celebrated two friends’ beautiful wedding in Ireland, and we had only three days to find a place to call home before I had to be back at work the following Monday. Although we’d been dreaming of Edinburgh since we got the big news of our move in December (sun! walks in the hills! dinner parties!), I didn’t expect our springtime search to be quite so… winter-y. We were soaked, we were cold and it hailed on more than one sprint between one cold flat and the next unreasonably cold flat.

Luckily for us, I wasn’t in charge of morale that week. We were ‘going to find the right place, not just any place’ whether I believed it or not (me: ‘let’s just take this one! what if there aren’t any others available? we could live with these couches, it’ll be fine!’ him: ‘this kitchen is a closet with no windows. you will not survive in a flat with storage heaters. Edinburgh has beautiful flats, and we will find one!’). On the third and final morning, we found ourselves drifting through the rooms of this light-filled, very-Edinburgh apartment, in the southwest corner of the city, and it was just what we wanted.

This is the flat for us, and it’s been a dream fulfilled to share it with people for various occasions or no occasion at all.

Happy holidays, everyone.
Christmas tree


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