Japan: Eating in

Green river 1Many years ago, so many that the email account no longer exists, I received a message from a high school friend who was traveling in Japan. She may have been studying in Tokyo at the time, or perhaps this was one of her earlier visits before she started making Japan one of her homes away from home. In the foreground of these images, she and another schoolmate of ours stood surrounded by the most beautiful mountains I had ever seen. In my memory, the mountains were blue and green, rich with color and rising steeply around two smiling women standing on the side of winding roads. Continue reading “Japan: Eating in”


An afternoon cake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur book group meets each month, but every other gathering is essentially an excuse to drink tea and eat cake. Waiting for everyone’s schedules to accommodate a new book was delaying the regular catching up that everyone was really after, so this was the pragmatic compromise. Book or no book, these afternoons offer a perfectly reasonable excuse to try out a new cake recipe. Continue reading “An afternoon cake”

Hot Cross Buns

Broken up sideEaster crept up on me a bit this year. Usually, we would have been off work for at least a four day weekend. We would have planned to get out of the city, gather with family for a big meal and enjoy plenty of chocolate treats. With our new work patterns this year, neither of us took the typical long weekend. We’re counting down the weeks (less than three!) until we head to Japan, so this Easter really caught me by surprise. Continue reading “Hot Cross Buns”